"Unity Player needs your permission" in Chrome breaks game

Our company made a game called Elastrix. When I run the game in Google Chrome on Windows, I get a prompt – “Unity Player needs your permission to run”. I click “Run this time”, and then I can play the game… except that on the opening screen, the Play button (or any button, for that matter) doesn’t work. If I go to a different tab, and then return to the game, it works fine, and if I drag the tab to a new window, it works fine. But as it is, this is a game-breaking bug. Does anyone know what can be done to fix this?

Make sure you have correctly installed the unity webplayer plugin.
Restart chrome after installation and then chrome will ask two options select and you will be able to run your game.

Here is a quick fix to avoid this error > Unity web Player chrome permission

Please file a bug report for this so that the Unity team can try to reproduce and resolve the issue.

just right click, and hit " run this plug in"