Unity Playground Object Creator Area Issue

Hi, I’m trying to make multiple enemies spawn from one spawner. I have one object spawning at 1 second, another at 10 seconds, and one at 20 seconds. However, when the game first starts all of the objects spawn at one second and then it kicks my settings in, with the second and third objects showing up again at 10 and 20 seconds.

Is there a way in the playground to stop everything from spawning in the beginning or should I just turn off playground and write a script for it.

Alright so I did some playing around and this is the best fix I’ve found so far if you want to stick to strictly Unity Playground.

Depending on how your game plays I had to create individual spawners for each enemy and space them out with the x-coordinate position at different intervals to stop them from all popping up at once. The downside to this is it is a little more resource heavy because depending on the game you’re making and how many enemy types you have you couldn’t potentially have dozens of enemies coming at you off screen. But if you’re making strictly 2D games with modern technology this shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

Here’s an simple table to help with your delayed enemies:

X=2.5 is roughly 1 second of gameplay

x=25 is 10 seconds

x=50 is 20

x=75 is 30

x=150 is 60

x=225 is 90

Hopefully this helps anyone out there with a similar question.