Unity plays imported animations incorrectly

Hello there people.

I’ve been stuck with this stated problem for a few days now, and it is really frustrating me.

I have rigged and animated an arm with a pistol to use in Unity, and it Unity seems to be playing the animations weirdly when in Blender, which is what I used to animate the arms and gun, it plays exactly the way I want it to look. The animations played within Unity look very erratic and play incorrectly. For example, when I animated the shoot animation for the gun and hand, the slide pulls back in Blender and the hands move back a little because of recoil, but in Unity the hands don’t move and the slide only moves back the slightest distance. An idle animation that I made, with the gun bobbing up and down has the gun move upwards farther when it should start moving down already in Unity, when in Blender it sticks to the hand like it should and moves up and down with it.

I exported the entire model from Blender as an .fbx file, and honestly, after looking for days, I still don’t know what I might be doing wrong or what might be happening. Any help offered from anyone would be very much appreciated.

Take a look at the answer I gave here, maybe it is the same problem.