Unity plugin locked files

Hello guys,

some time ago, I had unity plugins / asset packages, where some scripts were like locked or something. There was no way to open it, but everything works great.

My question is: how to create this file? I read that a lot of scripts are using dll files, or better to say, are converted to dll files using compiler for example VS, but VS works really bad on mac. And I dont know, if dll file is that right file.

Thank you for your reply.

If you don’t want / can’t use visual studio, you can just execute the compiler manually from the command line just like explained in the docs. The unity editor ships with mono which includes a C# compiler which is actually used by Unity to compile all your scripts into an assembly.

Note that managed assemblies do not protect your code against people who want to get their hands on your code. The content of managed assemblies can be viewed and extracted by any reflector like ILSpy. IL code is specifically designed to be decompiled into different .NET languages.