unity plugin not working for IE9

  1. Uninstalled unity plugin.
  2. Add unity file on the webserver
  3. Run the game in IE 9.
  4. Got “Install unity”
  5. had to refresh to get the same image to get unity
  6. click and download, and then run the unity webplayer installer,
  7. it refreshed my browser automativally
  8. but the game doesn’t run.

I really need this to be fixed for IE 9 Win x64. The game runs on Winx64, for Chrome, Firefox, and IE 10.


Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Solved it… the most frustrating solution to a frustrated problem…
the unity object var was declared below the unityObject used to SendMessage… technically it was global, so thats why it was working in Chrome and firefox, but no IE9 and before versions want their global variables declared at the very start of the script. aaaaa…!!!
but whatever… solved it.