Unity Plus splash screen

I have purchased a subscription for Unity plus and activated my seat, but the Unity editor still wont let me change the app splash screen on Android. Am I missing a step somewhere?

I was able to change the splash screen, but removing a texture from the Player settings brought the “Powered by Unity” logo back.

To set a texture and change the splash screen, I did this:

  1. Setup my Plus account using the new portal (had to create an organization and all)
  2. In the portal assigned my account to a seat
  3. Downloaded the latest Unity 5.3.51f
  4. Activated the new license they sent me

Once I did that last part, I was able to see that my editor had “Android Pro” enabled and I could change the splash screen in the Player settings.

That got me partway to my goal :slight_smile:

It was enough to do only part 4… it will work…

I also bought a subscription for Unity plus and completed all four steps from above. I’m able to change the splash screen for all other platforms without Android. Also the license type shows only IOS and Android but no PRO.