Unity Pro 5.2.2 video import fails

I have a video that imports into Unity Pro 4.6.9. It takes a long while and gets heavily compressed. But at least it plays back.

I have a version of Unity Pro 5.2.2. I took my original 4.6.9 project with working video and converted it to Unity Pro 5.2.2 and the video still works.

I however cannot directly import a video using Unity Pro 5.2.2. It gets copied into the Streaming Assets folder but will not play. The videos that I attempt to import show up with a quicktime symbol. But the videos from 4.6.9 do not.

I am running mac 10.11.2.

Can someone please help me fix it?

Thank you.

Have you solved this problem? I also cant fix it, help me please.

I did fix the issue for iOS. I needed to buy the mobile license and play the video. Also I had to play it natively and create an ios extension to pass it along into the unity viewport.

I think it might be a better solution to rebuild for the newer version of Unity Pro.

The best solution, if you can, is to not use Unity period. It’s way too buggy and the updates constantly break things.