unity pro becomes unresponsive Bug?

I am getting strange error 10 minutes into unity Pro and have to restart each time because it becomes unresponsive... This doesnt happen due to some specific action I am making but rather pretty randomly and consistently every time after about 10 mins or so. Here is a link to this error, help will be greatly appreciated. http://demo.metatron.co.il/error.jpg

(the 3 - IsD3D9.... errors)


Crazy looking game--looks like it's going to be very cool.

I did notice, however you have a warning of two listeners in the scene. could that have something to do with it?

Or are you running out of memory--looks like a lot going on?

Just throwing out ideas. Mainly wanted to say--looks very cool!

It is entirely possible that the warning of two listeners is more severe than you might think. When Unity encounters a cross-threading issue, it tends to freeze. And since sound playback is handled in its own thread in most cases, it would seem likely to me that having two listeners simultaneously could cause cross-thread contention issues where both happen to try reading or writing the same memory at once and either deadlock or corrupt some memory.

My best guess is that if you limit it down to just one listener, this mysterious problem will disappear.

I have the same problem with no compile errors. The editor will become 90% unresponsive (some context menus are working) and needs to be restarted. x64 Win 7, Unity 3.5.6f4
It seems to happen when the computer goes idle. I also have MonoDevelop open at the same times.