Unity Pro installed but adb Profiler logcat says "..only supported with Pro Licence"?

Finally purchased a pro subscription, as I want to profile a game on an Android device.
However, I get no profiler info in the editor. I can deploy to the device and see it in adb, trace the logcat output in a cmd window and see the device in the profiler dropdown menu…
If I select it the device in the dropdown the output in the cmd window tells me “Profiler is only supported with Pro Licence”. I’ve tried a restart of the machine and even a reinstall of unity.
Anyone any tips?

(as an aside, the colours have gone all black on my rotate gizmo and in the profiler when using it on the editor - anyone ever seen that? why would a reinstall not solve it? does anyone think it is connected? Starting to suspect something is irrecoverably wonky about my install…)

only have unity pro licence, was under the impression that I could still profile off the device. guess not according to the mail I received from support@unity3d.com
Rather demotivating start to my paid unity subscription that, could be clearer in the comparison. ho hum.