Unity Pro license for Android and iOS

Here is the information that I get on Unity Store

So as above information, I can understand:

  1. license for Unity Pro is different from ios Pro and Android Pro. That’s means if I want to publish my game in two mobile platform:android and ios, I must pay three license: Unity Pro + ios Pro + Android Pro

  2. each license can be buy by two ways: $1500 or $75/month. So it cost maximum $4500 or $225/month

  3. I can buy $75/month packet, then I publish it on store. After I publish and over one month, I don’t need to remove it from store ? Or this packet just validates in one month, include time you develop and time it can be on store.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you sign up for the 12-month subscription you can publish as many games as you want to the stores. (Assuming you have Pro, iOS Pro and Android Pro.) Once the 12-month subscription ends your published games can remain on the stores.