Unity Pro - proper billing data

Hi, i’m about to cooperate on my game with another publishing company. I created the game with Unity Personal, and they’re gonna publish it. We need to purchase Unito PRO license. Now, i’m the only person who need this license, as i do both - creating and compiling. But the license should be registered on a publishing company, right? My question is - which accout - mine or publisher - should be logged in when buying a pro license? Whose contact should be set as “billing contact” and “billing address” when ordering?

Hope for some help, thank you :slight_smile:


a) Make sure that each of your team has a Pro version. It is not acceptable for a single Pro version to be used in a team. Everyone on a team needs the exact same version.


b) Provide your Personal project to the Publisher. The publisher can then do whatever they want with the project. If they want to publish it, then they can use their own Pro license. It is important that the Publisher and the development team are completely isolated. (If you are working together, then the Publisher and Developer teams will all need Pro.)