Unity Pro splash screen problem

Hi all,
I have the pro version but I transfered a project from the basic version on my old computer to the pro version on my new workstation. For some reason I still get the Unity splash logo at startup. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

Hi Unity Programmers,

I’ve just run into this very problem. I was under the impression the “Powered By Unity” would simply disappear once we compile any project with a pro license.

I have a pro license and discovered this isn’t the case. I still get a “powered by unity” screen with no visible way of removing it. I can replace the entry under Splash Screen in the Build Settings but it will have no effect.

Well, dynamic shadows and render to texture still seem to work, so I AM on a pro license…

Unity 3.5.5f2 OSX, and hopefully nobody will tell me to purchase Unity 4 to get rid of it because I don’t have half of a thousand bucks handy right now.

Same here.

I’ve Unity 5 Pro Desktop license. Building x86 project and getting “Powered by Unity” splash. How to remove it?