Unity Pro Trial - simultaneously on Win and Mac?

Hi guys,

can someone tell me, if i can register a 30 day Trial of Unity Pro once per operating system or only once per computer?
I’m working on a macbook with Mac OS X 10.8.4 and Windows 7 over ‘Bootcamp’ installed.

So, can i register now the Unity Pro Trial on my windows OS and later again on my Mac OS?
Btw. would i have to register a 2nd account then?

(It’s quite important, because i essentially need the trial on Mac OS in a few months for a university project, but i want to test out some of the Pro-Features on a hobby project now).

Thanks in advance,


“if I can NOW register Unity Pro Trial on my windows OS and then register it (with my same unity account) e.g. 4 MONTHS LATER on my Mac OS again.”

the time limit DOES start and run only once from a specific date. you can’t “delay” it until later.

When you purchase a licence for Unity, it is given two activations - That being you can install it on two machines, as long as you are the one using unity on both of those machines.

That logic predicates that this should be fine when using a trial as well. As far as I am aware, the only limitations posed on you during the trial are the time limit and the fact that you are not allowed to sell your work made in this trial without an actual pro licence.