Unity Pro Trial to Xcode to Iphone

Hey guys,

We downloaded Unity Pro Trial version to test things out and see how our app runs on device (Ipod Touch), but for some reason the project doesn’t run on iOS device after being compiled in Unity and Xcode. Is it even possible to test code on device without purchasing Unity?

Any help would be much appreciated.

The iOS Pro trial will allow you to run your built app on the device. I suspect that something is crashing, and you’ll need to refer to


You can’t compile to iphone unless you have the iphone trial. you can request this from support@unity3d.com

Thanks to both of you, but I’m a bit confused. We simply downloaded Unity Pro Trial version without specifically requesting Iphone trial from Unity Support. So should we do it or not? FYI, we use Xcode 4 and Unity 3.3. Is there a possibility that these two are incompatible?