Unity Procedural Examples - "No responsibility for any possible harm"

Why is it that pretty much all of the unity procedural example scripts contain a comment that says:

// This script is placed in public domain. 
// The author takes no responsibility for any possible harm.

I might sound naive, but what possible harm could come - and also what's the point of that when no author name is listed?

Also, does anyone know if there are repositories of more procedural examples like this (in general)? From the comments, it looks like all of these came from all over the net, and were not Unity studio originals.

That's a standard disclaimer.

Your business could be harmed if you used the shader in a project and then the shader ends up having some sort of issues.

An example of possible harm would be including in your project for a client. Client ships 10K dvds with your project on it. Client finds out the shader doesn't work with certain video cards when users complain. Client fires you as vendor. You are harmed.