Unity Product Survey - 2D: Tell us about your experiences with 2D in Unity

Hi Unity 2D creator community!

We would like to get a better understanding of your joys and pains whilst making 2D experiences with Unity.

Every year, the Product Management team distributes a user survey to help identify & highlight the areas of our product that need the most improvement. This funnels directly into our planning cycle for 2020, including how we plan and prioritise what to work on, which drives our resulting roadmap.

Your input here is pivotal in helping us make the best decisions possible. Because of this we would like to hear from as many 2D creators as possible. It is vital to us that this includes artists and designers as well as programmers.

When the survey prompts you, please select the "2D" section to answer questions as it relates to our 2D product offering (outlined in the screenshot below).

Take the survey

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your feedback!

Unity 2D Team

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Thank you very much for your participation! :) This survey is now closed.