Unity Project to Website File

I have a game that i’ve worked hard on, and I am looking at different ways to share it. I dreamed of having just like a free download link that you can click and download a zip file or something, but I don’t know about web coding. Is there some way to share my game on my own website for download somehow? I also heard about having a dropbox link or something, but I would rather have just my own link, even if I had to pay for a large website host so the file would work.

Well there are different ways of sharing your game.

You can either Build an exe file and share it via dropbox or your own webspace so everyone can download it.
Or you could also make your game Playable in the browser (Build for web player), so your users always have to come to your website if they want to play it.

Both is really easy to accomplish just google a little bit about website and webspace.