Unity Projects 01 Stealth - problem!

I’m download Project Stealth from Asset Store. And… When I import assets to my project, show me a error: Runtime Error! Program: This application has requested to terminate it in an usualy way. Please connect the application’s support team for more informations.

Where is this project to download? No Asset Store, mediafire or more?

Or please, help me in this problem!

Reading the comments on that page :

import fails by Marius Badita, 17 Jun 2013

Same here, importing crashes unity.
Update: the problem is GraphicsSettings.asset . Just deselect that one.

thats the way by Bernhard Obermoser, 17 Jun 2013

Marius Baditas solutdion worked for me! +1

  • It looks like the demo uses pro features, creating a problem when importing the GraphicsSettings asset. Deselect this, and try importing again.