Unity Random integer generation help

Unity version: 5.5.2f1

Problem: I am trying to generate a random maze utilizing the UnityEngine.Random or System.Random. The issue I am having is that both options do not seem to be random. I feel like I am missing something simple and I am unable to find documentation to explain what is going on.

System.Random pseudoRandom = new System.Random(Time.time.ToString().GetHashCode());
Debug.Log(pseudoRandom.Next(0, 4));

Every time I run this code the generated integers are always the same set of integers in the same order. The same result happens when I use the UnityEngine.Random. Looking at the documentation It looks like I need to set a seed, but even when I set a seed it just sets the random numbers to a slightly different set of the same numbers from run to run. What do I need to do to generate an array of integers that are “semi” random and different, each time want to populate an array of random numbers? When utilizing random in normal c# (not c# script) it works just fine. What is different in the Unity compiler that throws this off?

try random.range(min,max)