Unity random vs C# random

I’ve used c#'s random in the past and did just fine, but now I found that Unity has its own random number generator. What are the pros and cons of each?

It’s a personal choice. Unity’s Random class is a bit easier to use since you don’t have to create an instance of the class. I use Unity’s Random class unless I want to save and restore seeds. Saving can be done in Unity’s class as well, but with the .NET’s Random class, an instance of the class is created. This allows me to keep some areas of the code random, and some areas predictable (based on a saved seed). Note it is a bit of a pain when you pull both classes in since you’ll have to specify at various places which Random you want to use (since they are both named the same).

Unity’s random has some different calls. You can read about them ion the docs.

Thats really it, just a slightly different API.