Unity Remote 3 and accessing multiple Input.touches?

Hello fellow Unity’ers, I’m currently coding my own little project for the new ipad. I’ve read all the docs on implementing Input.touch and have a left arrow, right arrow, fire button on multiple GUITextures that each respond correctly in Unity Remote 3. Only issue I’ve noticed is I can’t press the left or right arrow button and fire at the same time. I’ve been told that there might be an issue with Remote 3 not handling touch.phase correctly. Is this true?

Thanks again.

Unity Remote can get laggy, so you can’t rely on it to report phase properly, but the same is true of running natively on an iOS device. You should code your buttons differently.

What solution u used in script…???

Thanks for the quick replies. I’ve created a private network between my macbook and the ipad. This is how I know that the GUITexture buttons work individually but not in groups like walking and shooting at the same time. Jesse, you’re right, I need to rewrite my button code to allow multiple presses.

@Flappy Bird Note that the number of touches that can be detected depends on the hardware and operating system of the device. Some devices may support only a single touch, while others may support multiple touches. You can check the maximum number of touches supported by a device using the Input.touchCount property, which returns the number of touches currently being tracked by the system.