Unity Remote 4 not available

Hi! I was trying to download and install the Unity Remote 4 from the AppStore but i get a message saying that Unity Remote 4 is not more available…where can i find it to install on my ipad?

Unity Remote 4 and all other apps from Unity Technology are back again in all supported App Stores! We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you can continue with your great work now!

If you find difficulty in installing from App store, you can download form the below link. Also, remember once you install the remote, you need to make sure additional requirements in order to make the remote working fine.

I spend weeks trying to put things in order. Anyway I have attached useful links below to download the remote and guide to install it correctly. Good Luck.


Download link: apkcraft.com - This website is for sale! - apkcraft Resources and Information.

Instructions: - YouTube

I’ve tried the solution suggested by @DavidBerger but it works only with Unity Pro. With the basic version I get this message when trying to compile:

Error building Player:
SystemException: System.Net.Sockets
are supported only on Unity iOS Pro.
Referenced from assembly

Is there the possibility that the remote 4 will be back on the App Store? Why don’t you release the Xcode project so that we can just compile and install it on our device?