Unity Remote 5 and Samsung S9

I’ve read through all of the top solutions to this problem but still haven’t found an answer to why Unity is able to recognize my phone when I build to it but Unity cant find my device when I’m using Unity Remote 5. When I access “Edit>Project Settings…>Editor>Device”. All I keep seeing is “Any Android Device” and “None”.

In “Edit>Preferences>External Tools”, I have “Editor Attaching” Enabled, and everything under “Android” is checked with no errors.

As for things I have tried that didn’t work so far:
Rebooting my computer after installing;
Closing Unity, Plugging my phone in, Launching UR5, Then Launching Unity;
Using CMD(Admin) to restart adb using adb kill-server then adb start-server;
Restarting my phone;

If anyone else is having this problem please up-vote. Thanks ahead of time for any and all responses.

@edmartine418 Did you found any solution?