Unity Remote 5 doesn't work

Hello. I have a problem with Unity Remote 5. When I connect my device to my computer, I press PLAY but nothing happen on my device. So i’ve tried to restart adb with command prompt, but when I send the command <sdkAddress>"/adb devices", i get “Access Denied”, even if I run command prompt in admin mode. I’m with Windows 7. Anyone have a solution ?

You have first to connect your phone to your computer than start unity remote 5 and after all start unity.

That is how i got it work.

In my case the problem was the path of the SDK.
My default path was “…/…/…\SDK”. That last inverted slash was causing the problem.
I corrected it to be “…/…/…/SDK” by unchecking the checkbox and it worked like a charm.

Thanks for the indications so far!