Unity Remote 5 not working. Where can i find Android Studio IDE from Unity to confirm that google drivers are downloaded?

I’m making a 2D game for android in Unity 2019.2.19f1. I installed Unity remote 5 on my redmi note 5 pro and enabled developer mode along with USB debugging. I already have Android build support with SDK/NDK tools and open JDK installed directly when i installed Unity 2019 from hub on my PC. The only thing that remains is to confirm whether i have google drivers installed or not and to do that it was shown (in a youtube video) that i need to open android studio ide and check some settings to confirm this. How do i access android studio??

hi man .
i should help you.
you mast first build your game to test android SDK
if you test is good ,
cheek your phone to connect your PC.
if your phone is connect tour driver is on Notification Area Icons .else
your connection is problem.
if your connection is good .
you most install android studio IDE and manage your SDK.