Unity Remote Config FetchCompleted never gets called.

I wrote a simple script for unity remote config. The Awake method gets called but the OnDataFetched never gets called. My code:

private void Awake() {
    //Looking for update
    ConfigManager.FetchCompleted += OnDataFetched;
    ConfigManager.FetchConfigs<UserAttributes, AppAttributes>(new UserAttributes(), new AppAttributes());

private void OnDisable() {
    ConfigManager.FetchCompleted -= OnDataFetched;

void OnDataFetched(ConfigResponse response) {

    string newestAppVersion = ConfigManager.appConfig.GetString("NewestVersion");
    if (newestAppVersion != Application.version) {
        versionNumberText.text = "Version: " + newestAppVersion;
        releaseNotesText.text = ConfigManager.appConfig.GetString("ReleaseNotes");

        updateUrl = ConfigManager.appConfig.GetString("UpdateUrl");

Just updated to 2.0.1 and it’s working!