Unity Remote for on device

Is there something like Unity Remote for on device testing (to avoid needing to build to test on device each tweak)

Yes: Play to Device.

I am glad that is supported on device but it seems we aren’t able to use it yet.

Unlike simulator there dose not appear a way to drag and drop the binary to device

Can you please provide the xcodeproject for Play to Device Host so that we can install it on Vision Pro device? Testflight link is not working. Thanks!

It’s available on testflight. You can navigate to this link on a device and join the testing group. From there you can install it on a dev kit.

For loaner devices it’s not exactly an easy thing to log into Testflight and download it each time.

Just a note that Unity Remote has traditionally been provided as an xcodeproject anyone can download. Unity - Unity Remote

Please consider the same for Unity Remote VisionOS