Unity Remote not sending input from iPhone or iPad, as well as frequent disconnects.

If I Build and Run to my iPhone4, all the input from the Joystick script works just fine, but if I run Unity Remote on the iPhone and then just hit Play in the Unity app, the game still runs fine, but it does not register any taps or inputs.

Trying to use mouse input to simulate taps (like you definitely can do under non-Unity iPhone Simulator apps) does nothing and trying real taps on the iPhone under Unity Remote again does nothing. I have no way of giving input to the game if I'm running on Unity Remote. It currently only works for me if I fully build and deploy the app to the iPhone Device. NOTE: (I am NOT attempting to compile or run to the iPhone or iPad Simulator target. I'm already fully aware that is not supported by Unity.) I am running Unity Remote on the actual iPhone.

What am I missing?

BTW, I had found information about this by reading earlier posts in the iPhone Development forum,


so the way I'm trying to run from Unity Remote 'should' be working. Not sure why it isn't. Even running the Penelope demo under Remote is not responding to input on the iphone. I have to actually build and deploy the real application for input to work at all.

Also, I get the same results on iPad.

I'm also seeing the well known 'No valid assert string.' error and Unity Remote keeps quitting on me on both devices.

I also tried the Startroopers demo. That one won't even connect to Unity Remote for me on either iPad or iPhone. But again, doing a full build and deploying stand alone app to the device works just fine.

Stupid question, but is your mac/phone both connected to the same wifi network? if so i would still guess it is a problem with the connectivity of the two devices. I periodically get this same problem, and after either restarting unity or my iphone it will start working again

n8 was correct.

I shut down my Mac, shut down my iPad, restarted both of them, and viola, Unity Remote is working and accepting input.

Never underestimate the power of reboot. :)

Thanks n8.

make a new network and call it unity or whatever and then connect your phone to this.

so a network which is ofline kind of making your own gate, i had to do this for a while as mine was playing up