Unity remote security vulnerablity risk identified. Is there a patch for beta versions?


Ok So I got an email with the attached link stating there is vulnerablity been identified and I need to patch Unity. However I had several crashing errors and other errors since I updated to 2017.1 and so I’m currently using the beta b6 version.

On the link, i didnt see a mention of a patch. Am I supposed to use the 2017 patch? Or is there not a patch for this ? (If thats the case, should I uninstall the beta , or just not use it? Or is it safe to use?)

SIDE NOTE: Is this WHY I keep getting the error saying : Failed to connect , you longer own this project, check your network connections … etc . Im worried I had already been hacked maybe?

They shouldn’t even call it a patch. It’s a full download and reinstall. WTF!

Closer look it says Severity: High . Im not going to take any chances and Im just reinstalling the 2017 one on the link