Unity remote wont work

Hi, Im trying to get Unity remote to work with Unity but I have no luck doing so.
Unity version - 4.1.5f1
Unity remote running on - Sony Xperi Play

What I have done so far:
Downloaded the Android SDK 64bit version and put it in the C:-root.

In SDK I have installed the Google USB Drivers, but later on I installed everything.

In Unity I have set preferences to the path where the android SDK is, on the C/. drive.

On my Xperia play I have set it to debug mode, staw awake and allow mock locations.

I have also installed the PC Companion for sony phones.

I have Launched Unity, cennected my phone by usb, started unity remote, restarted unity and tried to play it from editor.

But it doesent work!
I have made a apk build to transfer to my phone and test, that works but i cant play it directly from unity.

Im stuck, And have no clue what to try next, I cant even tell if unity seems to understand that my phone is plugged in, it can be found in device manager - experia play.

what should I do?
// cheers Mathias

the adb devices command did not work in my console, dont remember the error message i got.
Hoewer I got it to work just now :slight_smile:
I unplugged and replugged my phone while I was in the unity remote app.
After that everything started working just fine…
Only took me about 24hours to make it work :stuck_out_tongue:

So if anyone else have the same problem and have tested following step by step on unity remote try this:
Step 1 - Download Android SDK

Step 2 - In the SDK installer ensure you install “Google USB Drivers”

Step 3 - Go to device manager and make sure your device has its drivers installed. You can get more help here. Get the Google USB Driver  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers

Step 4 - In Unity under preferences set the path to the Android SDK. C:Program Files (x86)Androidandroid-sdk or something similar.

Step 5 - Close Unity

Step 6 - On your android device ensure that in Application Settings that USB Debugging, Stay Awake and Allow Mock Locations are all enabled.

Step 7 - Connect via USB and launch the remote app.

Step 8 - Launch Unity

Step 9 - Run your game in the editor

If this dont work do step 10 an onward.
Step 10: restart computer
Step 11: Connect your phone and launch the unity remote app
Step 12: Launch unity and then connect your phone while the remote app is running
Step 13: play game from unity editor.