Unity remote works only when swiping the screen (!!!)

I’ve worked with Unity Remote before, didn’t have serious issues. My old phone is broken though, so I’ve tried working with a temporary phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone has some issues, it had fallen into water so some things don’t work as they should (eg the accelerometer is not working). I’m not sure it has anything do with my issue though.

I connect the USB cable, I have activated USB debugging mode, I hit “play” inside the Unity editor, but although the game plays inside the editor, it plays on my phone only when I swipe the screen. Not just touching, but swiping. As soon as I stop swiping, the screen freezes and resumes only when I swipe again. Seems like quite an odd issue.

Is there anything else I should check?

As it seems it has nothing to do with my half-broken phone… I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I’m facing the same issue. It’s strange, since it started doing it with no apparent reason.

I’m using Unity v4.3.4f1 so I can’t use the new Unity Remote android app, I’ve enabled USB debugging and I still get the same behavior…

I’m I the only one who has to deal with something like this?