Unity renames the materials when importing the FBX files

We have a Maya file that is being exported as multiple FBX flies for use in Unity. Nearly all of the materials are common among each FBX as they get exported, but during import Unity tacks the FBX name onto the materials’ names, turning MaterialName into FBXName-MaterialName. The problem with this is that now we end up with several versions of each material (spread out amongst dozens of different pieces of geometry). Manually correcting each one (correct each material type in Unity and reassign it to each of it’s wrongly-named siblings) will take hours.

I’m guessing there’s a way to prevent Unity from renaming the materials in the first place, and that Unity would then apply existing materials wherever the same name came up on subsequent FBX imports. If so, how do i make that happen? If not, what other way can make this work more efficiently? (And i’m unclear, let me know and i can give an example.)


There is indeed - in the inspector (for each imported FBX) you can set the material to name the Unity materials that are created at import, from the Model’s material name, instead of model name + model material name - as shown below.

Note: we hope to have options to set these as defaults soon, but in the mean time you may need to clean up/delete any unnecessary materials created before, once you have applied this setting.

Olly - Unity Support

If I select “From Model´s Material” and apply, the materials are still named after the Base Texture.