Unity renders scene weird

For some reason Unity renders the scene where my “path” is as I get closer to it, even though I have increased the filed of view.

See for yourself in this image, the backside where the green is looks extremely weird and “blacked” out , darker, once you get closer its a fine line such as the one you see in the beginning on the right / or left side.

Is there a fix for this? Why is this happening anyways?


To lower this effect, you would change the Filter Mode and/or increase the Ansio Level in the Inspector panel for the texture. (select the texture to view these options)

Default Settings (Mobile Diffuse):

  • Filter Mode: Bilinear
  • Aniso Level: 1


HQ Settings (Mobile Diffuse):

  • Filter Mode: Trilinear
  • Aniso Level: 9


Unity has more information in their documentation here and here.
Also note that mobile quality settings could also effect the final build, specifically “Anisotropic Textures”. It would be best to build out “Per Texture”, defined per texture/metadata (I assume).

As for why it is happening, wikipedia and this 8 might help.