Unity resetting prefab name when saved

Whenever I rename some of my prefabs (the actual prefabs, not the instances in the scene), their names do not update in the project file window, and when I save the scene, their names are reset to whatever they were previously. It’s really annoying having to distinguish 5 different prefabs all using the same name, and I’m guessing would throw a wrench into a bunch of code which involves object names (Although I’m lucky to say that that hasn’t happened yet…)

Some help would really be appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Can you please clarify how you are renaming them and what you are expecting to happen? It sounds like you are selecting the prefab in project view, editing its name from the inspector, and expecting its name in the project view (i.e. on disk) to also be updated to this value. Is that correct? If so, does editing the prefab’s name on disk (i.e. renaming the asset in the project view rather than at the top of its inspector) make a difference for you?