Unity revenue analytics has stopped working

After updating unity to 2020.3, we saw that our analytics works fine for custom events in data explorer, but our revenue analytics has stopped working.

We updated unity to version 2020.3
We have updated iap plugin to 4.5.1
We have updated analytics to 3.6.12

It's happening to two of our games, even though both have everything configured in services/analytics windows.

"Revenue data will be sent to Unity Analytics"
"Great! you will now be able to track verified transactions taking place on your app".

But the revenue is missing.

Were you able to resolve this issue? We are having the same one for our app.

We've also experiencing the same issue with one of our iOS apps. The strangest thing is that we have stopped receiving revenue analytics events since the release of a new version, which had literally zero logic changes (only 1 cosmetic change) and there was no change to version of Unity packages used as well.
The other evens (DAU etc.) are still intact. I wonder what could be the cause for this.

Hi chebe123, Xaako, & tim_genius,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you (one or all) send me your organization ID & project ID through a PM? It's probably best if all of you do it because while it does all seem related to the same issue, it may not be. Are you referring to the Revenue reporting in Legacy Analytics or Unity Gaming Services Analytics? Judging by the Analytics version (3.6.12) I assume it's in reference to Legacy.