Unity (rigged) clothes to a character

Hello! I want to make an application where there is a character walking and you can attach different clothes to that character - like t-shirt, jacket, trousers etc.

I have already made and rigged my character, and also animated it in unity. I also have modeled a piece of clothes - shirt. Now, how would I attach that shirt to my character in unity “in game”? I have read a lot about this, but I just couldn’t figure anything out. One thing I tried and worked was: Rig the shirt in Maya to the same skeleton as my character, put it in unity next to my character “body mesh” and make it a "Skinned Mesh Renderer and set the Root Bone the same as Body’s). Now that worked, but I don’t want to do it this lame way.

Also, is it possible to have just a plain mesh (shirt) and somehow automaticly rig and skin it in unity using the body’s skeleton?

I just want to import a piece of clothes when the game is running, and then it should attach to the character and animate itself with him.

Any ideas? Thank you very much!

Here you go, good sir:

Shared skeleton and animation state

Also note:

Weightless bones don’t get added to SkinnedMeshRenderer bone array?!?

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