Unity Rigidbody2D “Is Kinematic” bug, how do I solve?

For some reason my unity seems to be having a gravity to the right, this problem I found out its due to “RigidBody 2D” and can “Mostly” be fixed by using Is Kinematic option, but when I do it, it stops falling (gravity disabled).

Here is a demonstration of whats happening:

What is going on? whats the reason of this happening? How can I fix it?

OBS: I don’t have any code pushing the GameObject to the right, If I simply spawn a new Sprite GameObject and add RigidBody 2D with a Collider (any) this already starts…

Check your gravity settings in Edit → Project Setting → Physics (or Physics 2D)

Your gravity should be applied on the Y axis and not on the X.

Kinematic objects are not affected by physics.