Unity Rotation Not Working Properly?

Hey guys, I’m having an extremely weird issue. When rotating any objects within the inspector/editor they seem to rotate at first with the transform arrows moving and the inspector numbers also moving accordingly. Except the problem comes when I click off and back onto the object, the object seems to stay rotated and the inspector numbers stay at the position as if it were rotated but the transform arrows move back to the default position causing nothing to be moved correctly.

I made a new scene and tested the theory and everything seemed to work fine until I placed my prefabs into the scene, the folders were still the same but there was nothing in the scene view like before. Could it be some script on an object in the scene that directly affects the performance of the inspector or editor? None of my scripts were meant to be editor scripts and I have none placed in the folder.

Think you’re just misunderstanding the controls, and there is no problem.

On the top bar, look at local/global (next to Pivot.) Pick a rotated object, toggle the button a few times and the “problem” should go away.

Once you get used to it, being able to switch the arrows between those two settings is a spiffy feature (it’s copied from 3D modeling programs.)