Unity running over multiple monitors

Hello there. We're using Unity to develop a product that will run on two screens put on top of each other. The end resolution we're working with is around 1300x1600. I have two monitors stacked on top of each other, and Unity allows me to stretch the editor over both monitors thus letting me see the full screen. The problem is that when we run the project Unity automatically snaps the editor window back to only one monitor, thus stopping any chance for us to see everything we need to see for our project. Is there a way to tell Unity to allow multi-monitor display while the project is running?

Thank you

Use this line of code in start or awake:

Screen.SetResolution(x, y, false);
// where x is the width, and y is the height

This will only work with a built version of the game. I’ve tried with the window itself, it doesn’t work and I have not a single reason why, but when you build and run the game, the set resolution function should work. One problem that might be present with multi monitor setups is stretching, but that’s something you’re going to have to deal on a case by case scenario. At any rate, to use this code in a main menu set up, you could have the player type in a resolution and use that for the variables I call x and y.