Unity running slowly

I recently just got back in to game development, and with my current system I’m noticing some issues with Unity 2019 that I don’t recall having back when I was using 2017 on an older system.

If I have any inspector open while running my game, or have something like a debug.log writing to the console, the frame rates are abysmal. Another thing I’ve noticed is that having any extra GUIs like ProBuilder open will also bring the editor to it’s knees.

In addition to the low frames, I also get a bit of stuttering when I do any input, for example while running my game, it runs at around 200fps, but when I press a key, it stutters for a moment, down to 17fps then resumes normally.

This behaviour isn’t just in my project either, it acts like this even with a new HDRP or LWRP project. Looking in to it, I’ve found some mention of high polling rates from gaming peripherals causing issues, but it doesn’t seem to matter what polling rate I use.

Any insight as to what my be happening would be greatly appreciated. System specs are as follows:

CPU: Ryzen 1700 @ 3.75 Ghz
Memory: 16GB DDR4 2666
Storage: 480GB Kingston SSD / 2x 1TB WD HDD RAID 0

Unity is installed on the SSD, the project is on the RAID 0, though that doesn't seem to make a difference as projects stored on the SSD also suffer from the same issues.

Here’s a video illustrating the issues I’m having. WTF Unity? - YouTube