Unity´s animation panel


I know this is properly not the right place for it and I am properly getting bashed for it, but everwho.

The Unity animation panel is easy and straight forward to use, but it is filled with bugs and therefor easy tasks like rotating a object 360 degrees suddenly gets difficult and extremely annoying. Sometimes the object will not rotate when you rotate it. Sometimes it replaces the position and rotation of the very first “Node” with the second and many other problems, but I cannot really complain because Unity is free(Indie) and the package overall is amazing. But I have one question will the animation panel get a bug fix in 3.4 or 3.5(Which is due to come out sometime soon)?

I am sorry for any inconvenience with the placement of this thread/question.


If you add a comment here with your bug report number I’ll jump into the bug database and let you know the status. If you have not submitted a bug report then please go ahead and submit one. If you can attach a video that shows the problem you have it will help the QA team understand the problem you are having.