Unity Safe Voice Closed Beta is here!

Hello, everyone! We are excited to announce the Unity Safe Voice Closed Beta!

Were you just thinking “Trey, what the heck is Safe Voice?”. Well, lemme tell you all about it!

We all know how rowdy online gaming communities can get. To help you better identify the sources of some of that rowdiness & toxicity, and provide you with the insights needed to address it, we bring you Safe Voice. Safe Voice is an AI powered context-aware technology that analyzes unique voice characteristics like tone, loudness, pitch, and emotion, to deliver nuanced insights on more than a dozen session and player-based metrics.

Some key benefits of Safe Voice include:

  • AI-driven toxicity detection at scale
  • Customizable toxicity coverage: proactive and player-initiated, for coverage that is as unique as your community
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates natively with Unity's Voice Chat (Vivox)
  • Actionable Insights: Gain valuable data on your community for informed decision-making

Join the Safe Voice Beta today to start building a thriving and harmonious gaming community ➡️ https://create.unity.com/safe-voice-beta

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What I wonder more is when Unity will announce Vivox 16.0. The preview version 15.x… has a few issues and is not very easy to use all the way / undocumented. Apparently version 16 should have been released somewhere early this year, but got pushed back due to deprecation notice issues with existing customers and what not.
Maybe both will be released together :roll_eyes:

Can Safe Voice be used with other voice chat systems? Or does it requires Vivox?