Unity says I have more than 1 audiolistener, but I don't

I’m using non unity spatializer which works pretty weird if audiolistener is child of something or scaled.
So I managed to create class that spawns AudioListener and then change it between cameras but something went wrong and now I have this starnge notification:
alt text

I made search for components script and it can’t find listeners at all:
alt text

So how can I find these missing objects?

IF it says there are 5, its because there are 5.

Characters assets normally have audio listeners.
Maybe some custom components

Look for them. Disable objects until you see the message disapear so you know what objects are.

Just do a search in the hierarchy for camera, youll find it.

Too late but I missed that object created using ‘new GameObject’ need to be manually destroyed like this:

  void OnDisable(){