Unity says they've fixed the 'assertion failed' particle system bug in 5.5.2 but I still have it in 5.5.3

I’m still having the same bug in 5.5.3f1 that was reported and ‘resolved’ in 5.5.2.
I have a particle system that worked back in 5.4 without error but since I’ve updated to 5.5.3f1 this one is spamming me with a lot of error messages when instantiating the particle system:

Assertion failed on expression: 'curveT >= m_Curve[lhs].time && curveT <= m_Curve[rhs].time'

I’ve noticed it’s the animation curves set for velocity over lifetime that are causing the issue. If I reduce the number of keys in these curves to just 2 or 3, no more errors. When it exceeds 3 or 4, I get more and more of them.

I’m worried it could cause performance issues (as I recall excessive number of warning / error messages do).

It’s just a workaround but the error messages stopped for me if I did any one of these:

  1. Turn off velocity over lifetime to remove animation curve entirely (This was not a solution to me).
  2. Or reduce number of keys in animation curves below 2 or 3 (I needed all the 5 keys I had, so not a solution to me).
  3. Unparent your particle system. The error messages stopped when the particle system had no parent object. This wasn’t a solution to me either as I needed to keep it as a child object.
  4. Change from Local simulation space to World space. This was okay in my case so this is a workaround to me that gets rid of the error messages.

Hope this helps someone else until it gets fixed anyway (or maybe 5.6 it’s fixed that I can’t verify for now).