Unity Scaling Size

I am trying to recreate a scene that we see on Earth, a moon orbiting the Earth. However, when I place the Moon at the correct distance and set the diameter of the sphere that is the Moon, it seems about 1/5 of the size that we observe it to be in real life. Why is this? After doing research I found that unity is supposed to scale one unit to a meter.

I have two possible explanations:

  1. Moon Illusion

  2. What are your camera settings? It might be very difficult to simulate the human eye or what we are used to seeing on photos. Which again plays into the Moon Illusion thing.

Additionally there are a lot of physical variables, you probably don’t consider in Unity. Which is the “correct” distance? It varies throughout the year. Atmospheric distortion, etc. I don’t think you’ll get scientific results with only setting size and distance.