Unity Scene File in Build Question

Sorry for the dumb question, but I’m trying to understand the relationship between Unity and it’s build file size.

Let’s say I create a single scene and fill it with prefabs, scripts, lighting, etc. I make a build with my one scene and, for the sake of simplicity, lets say the final file size of the project is 10mb.

Now say I duplicate that scene 100 times, add it to the build index, and make a new build. Would the build then be 100 times larger?

I’ve read how Unity optimizes prefabs so that adding more of them will hardly add to build size, but I’m sure with everything else in the scene being duplicated into other scenes.

As far as i am aware: No the build size does not scale linearly with the scene count.
This is why you have “shared assets”.

I can only suggest to do your own research here in that regard. When creating a build, unity will create a detailed build log where it lists all files in the build, how large they are and what % total build size they take up.

So just create some simple scenes, duplicate it 10 times and look at the log.
Check this thread here in the unity forum to read about it.