Unity Scripting/Javascript

I cannot figure a thing out with the codes in Unity. I've looked all over the weband none seem to help in the least. I'm not sure all too much on what my question should be, so I'll ask the narrowest I can get it.

How can I code in UnityScript?

Did you look in youtube? I can't believe you didn't find ANYTHING...Help is everywhere. Here is where I got started


those guys break down everything and make it simple enough to understand.

not realy sure what you are trying to ask, but if you are trying to create your own code :

Search for " unity tutorials "

Download the example projects at unity3d.com

Or use the help menu in your scripting application.

If you are trying to purchase code, this is not the site to do it on, however there is a link somewhere for paid support.

Also I agree with Eric5h5, your question is "Way too vague"


Nice guide to learn scripting :)