Unity seems broken to the core due to a compile error!

I am currently at a huge crisis point with unity. Yesterday Unity started acting very weird, constantly saying that there are compile errors and that it can’t go into playmode, yet the project was completely empty. Literally a freshly opened project! So after redownloading and reinstalling unity about 3 times, I still have this issue. Even redownloaded and reinstalled Visual Studios, which solved nothing. Also, when I try to put a script on a game object an error pops up saying “Can’t add script component because the script class cannot be found…”. And Ive also just now noticed an error saying something about not finding a specified file, which I also don’t understand.

None of the other posts I’ve read have helped. Please help!!!

Yesterday I had a sudden problem compiling my project. The executable wasn’t just there. And a lot of strange error messages appeared in the console window. Investigation showed that my antivirus (Norton 360) was the cause of the problem. Maybe an automatic update to the logic of the antivirus part.
It is known that Unity can collect data, maybe that fooled Norton.
I suggest that you disable your antivirus during a total reinstallation of Unity.