Unity Serializer plugin - uploading with http

The plugin author wrote:

“Added FTP/HTTP upload and WWW download from either for both JSON and binary + Files. v2.1 on the website.” Nov 20 '12 at 12:57 PM

Information about this seems to be missing from his site:


The relevant function:

LevelSerializer.SerializeLevelToServer ( string uri,
string userName = “”,
string password = “”,
Action onComplete = null

Apparently there are thousands of users of this plugin - does anyone know how to use it?

Hi I figured out how to upload and download it - a longer way… BTW SerializeLevel returns a Base64 string and I used AddField instead of AddBinaryData…

 function saveTest() {
	var form = new WWWForm();
	form.AddField( "username", "Player1" );
	form.AddField( "data", LevelSerializer.SerializeLevel() );
	var postupload = new WWW( 'http://domain.com/test1.php', form );
	yield postupload;

	if(postupload.error) {
		print( "Error accessing: " + postupload.error );
	} else {