Unity Serializer Seems to delete saves by itself


I’m currently using Unity Serializer 2.5.0

It’s working perfectly, except one thing:

When I’m in Play Mode, and I create a save, go back to Edit Mode and back to Play Mode, it seems to delete some saves, usually then last save sometimes more. The problem can’t be on one of my scripts, since the problem was on the example scene too.

I use this script to make an array of names of the saves:

class SelectionGrids {
var saveStrings : String[];

var grid : SelectionGrids = SelectionGrids();

function Update () {

var saves = new Array ();
	for (var sg in LevelSerializer.SavedGames[LevelSerializer.PlayerName]) { 
			saves.Push(sg.Level + " " + sg.When);

	grid.saveStrings = saves.ToBuiltin(String);


(This script is much shorter than the original script, I’ve just put the part with saves here, it goes later to GUI)

I load the saves through comparing the String with the original saves with looping.

Please help.

I was having this problem too where it would appear to delete the saves in between plays, and for me the cause was that I was changing the MaxSaves variable at the beginning of every play, which reset the list of saved games. Are you messing with the list like that too?